Tomoweird: Jurassic Heart: A Dinosaur Love Story

Dating sims have for the most part, done little to reach mainstream appeal in the west. Maybe it’s a culture barrier, publishers unwilling to localize, or simply a lack of interest. Well that all ends today as the duo from GPTouch have added the missing ingredient that speaks across all cultures and nationalities, Dinosaurs! Who wants to play some silly high school, choose your own relationship/adventure dating game. Humans are sooooo boring, they don’t have teeth that can crush bone, mighty tails, or scaly skin. Hell they’re not even cold blooded. Dinosaurs are where its at baby!


Jurassic Heart, is a dating sim about a young girl going on a date with a ukulele playing, necktie wearing Tyrannosaurus Rex named Taira-kun. The game is short (around 5-10 minutes), but it’s premise is so endearing, it’s hard not to be entertained. Jurassic Heart was developed by GP Touch, an independent Thai develper composed of just two people. You can check out the game over at the developer’s site, where it can be played or you can downloaded Jurassic Heart for free on both Windows and Mac.

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