Next generation games NOT 1080p, includes The Order: 1886, The Dark Sorcerer and The Evil Within

So it has been roughly 7 years since the current generation consoles came out, and as we all know they mostly render games at 720p and can up convert to 1080p on most games. With new consoles coming out, I think most people expect games to render natively at 1080p, well that isn’t the case it seems.

Nirolak from Neogaf has discovered via video and screenshots that some upcoming games only render at 1920×800, meaning you will have black bars on your screen at all times. This means the game has 280 less horizontal lines of pixels, so it can use the processing power elsewhere. This isn’t exactly a new concept as Dragon’s Dogma did this previously.

Currently the games that appear to be doing this are: The Order: 1886, The Evil Within, and The Dark Sorcerer. Click the titles to see video of the games in action to see for yourself. So what do you think? Are you okay with your new $400-$500 system only rendering 80% of your screen? Let’s hope this isn’t a trend that continues…

Edit: Fixed links

Sources: NeoGaf, Sony’s YouTube, Gametrailers, and IGN’s YouTube

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