iOS App Store Picks of the Past Two Weeks 07/21/2013

The App Store is a busy bazaar with talented developers pushing their games onto you while simultaneously not-so-shiny games make an appearence. Here’s a mix of the great games released like me. If you’re like me, you have at least ten pages on your iPad of games.

New Releases

Dues Ex: The Fall (6.99):

Square Enix did not fail to deliver. Sure, the faces of NPCs are a little creepy, but the deep plot and free-form combat is polished.

Pacific Rim (4.99):

One: It is not as good as Man of Steel iOS. Two: It is not as good as Man of Steel iOS. Three: I really just wanna beat up Kaiju with the same violence as the movie. Is that too much to ask for?

Dream Chaser (FREE):

An RPG-Endless Runner hybrid published by Chillingo. Beautifully rendered game, run as Nito to collect shards to resurrect the Tower of Dreams. Beware of failing because it costs money to continue as if it were an arcade game. Beware, also, of gyro controls.

Breach and Clear (1.99):

Bringing back the tactical days of Rainbow Six and SWAT 3. Customize your own team with different weapons and get ready to breach, bang and clear 15 different maps. On sale fore a limited time, don’t pass.

Leisure Suit Larry (4.99): 

Apparently, a famous game developer made an international sensation in 1987. They have brought back the perverted game to iOS.


RAVENMARK: Mercenaries (FREE): 

If you’re able to ignore the ads, this is a cool little war game. Witching Hour Studios claims that this is not a pay-to-win scheme, but ads can be removed by purchasing the collector’s edition. Sounds legit. And has mercenaries.

Sine Mora (5.99): 

This is a beautiful looking shooter. It was ported from the console market. 5.99 is a steep asking price, especially considering comments suggest this game doesn’t have the greatest controls.

Extreme Forklifting (FREE): 

In case you are unsure if that warehouse job is for you, check out Extreme Forklifting. Comments claim it’s awesome, save for a thing amount of locations and forklifts.


This looks to be an epic re-boot of a tired yellow circle, inspired by psychedelics and Kirby games. Looks promising. Warning: this is freemium.

The Walking Dead, 400 Days (4.99):

I was one of those people stalking the Twitter page and Facebook page of Telltale for updates on the Walking Dead series. The only thing in life that has ever made me cry due to intense emotions has released its bridge between Season one and Season two.

Bounty Arms (4.99):

Another great looking title released by Kerosene, Bounty Arms features 3D platforming goodness. Every new level brings a challenge, and with three playable characters there is some goofy fun to be had.


Plague Inc.

Speed runs have been added to the game, allowing you to compare how fast you eradicate the human population with friends.

The Sandbox:

Added the new Zombie element so that it can partake in the Zombie craze of the iOS market. Other new features were added such as skipping difficult missions (allows quicker mana farming).

Injustice: Gods Among Us

New characters to grind for were added, and if you have more money to spend there were skins added as well. What’s GREAT is now you can trade in all those duplicate Doomsdays you own.


Major Mayhem:

Probably one of the best examples of how to have an in-app currency that doesn’t punish the player. This is a free game that blends endless runner with Time Crisis style gun-slinging. There is a surprise ending.

Junk Jack:

If you’re looking for the Terraria of iOS, this is the game for you. Packed full of hundreds of items to craft and discover. Endless cave spelunking and creature killing. Best of all: updated on a regular basis.

Ascension, Chronicle of the Godslayer:

The creators of Magic the Gathering released a deck-building game a few years ago. It’s beautifully captured on either the iPhone or the iPad. Great with friends in multi-player and frequently updated with new cards.



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