iOS App Store Picks of the Week 07/27/2013

The App Store is a busy bazaar with talented developers pushing their games onto you while simultaneously not-so-shiny games make an appearance. Here’s a mix of the great games released like me. If you’re like me, you have at least ten pages on your iPad of games.

New Picks

Bloodmasque ($6.99):

Import your face to create yourself as a half-vampire and half-human vampire hunter in Sqaure Enix’s latest iOS title. Battle Vampires on the streets of Paris, collecting their blood to upgrade your powers. Bring other vampire hunter friends or from the community to aid you. Contains awesome, yet simplified, combat with fancy Anime inspired ultimate moves. Bloodmasque has the worst character movement controls I’ve ever chanced upon in an iOS title. Sadly, it is an online game only.


Ultima Forever, Quest for the Avatar (FREE):

A new online RPG published by EA and developed by Mythic. Adventure through hand painted environment collecting keys to open chests containing rare loot. Repeat quests to earn levels and reputation to unlock new dungeons and environments. Finding friends or other players to group with is slick. And for a freemium game, Ultima Forever doesn’t make it impossible to advance without spending money in IAP. The further you progress, the heavier the grind, however, and lag is present.


A Ride ($0.99):

Another game with an amazing soundtrack, A Ride, by Lee-Kuo Chen, is a journey through forests and mountains to discover and defeat the demonic force swallowing the luster of an ancient relic. Control the speed of the youngman’s horse with gyro controls to avoid enemy attacks while trying to take enemies down with archery.


Prince of Persia, The Shadow and the Flame ($2.99):

Though having nice looking environments, the unresponsive touch controls makes Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia, The Shadow and the Flame a difficult game to enjoy. The soundtrack is slow or non-existent, subtracting from the action adventure elements. It also pushes the player (with an invisible hand) to spend money on IAP. Worth checking out for the casual gamer and fans of the series.


Dungeonism ($1.99):

An edgy turn based dungeon crawler released by Jeffrey Fal. Develop a character from a novice adventurer into a monster mashing machine as you spend experience to increase specific abilities. The visual style allows the player to focus on the mechanics of the game rather than scenery. Dungeonism is grind heavy, but stayed away from including IAP.


Updated Picks

Quadropus Rampage (FREE):

Two new pets were added, and now you can have two pets help you bust waves of sea creatures. Check out Tomodom’s review here: Quadropus Rampage for iOS Review


Spiral ($1.99):

Among adjustments and bug fixes, Spiral added new arena maps and enemy types. Also, Spiral is currently on sale for 1.99 if you want to try it out. You can check out Tomodom’s review of Spiral here: Spiral for iOS Review 



Hungry Lizards ($0.99):

Compete against lizards in backyard pools, swamps, beaches and etc to see who can eat the most bugs in this game from Basic Function. Timing is key when hopping from rock to rock. Hungry Lizards also has crazy cool back-ground music, which changes depending on the environment. Face off against the AI or friends on Game Center, Bluetooth or Facebook.


bit Dungeon ($0.99):

bit Dungeon by Tom Heinecke is a rogue-like with easy tap to kill controls. Endlessly explore dungeons, vanquishing demons, murdering bandits, and discovering epic items. Also included is intense boss battles. Suffers from the same map lay out used in every dungeon, and a warrior being the only character class.


God of Blades ($2.99):

A 2D platformer and endless runner hybrid released by White Whale Games that brings back memories of 80s Anime and Comics. Following a rather confusing story as godly beings resurrect the nameless king to save a universe plummeting into a void. If anything, play God of Blades for its stunning settings and its wicked soundtrack.




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