Playstation 4 games can only use up to 5.5GB of RAM, or is it 4.5GB?

Eurogamer is reporting that leaked documents have confirmed that 3.5GB of the Playstation 4′s RAM will be dedicated to use in it’s OS. The other 4.5GB will be usable by games, putting it just below the Xbox One’s 5GB of slower DDR3 RAM. Eurogamer also states their sources tell them there is 1gb of “flexible” memory that can be used when the OS isn’t using it.

What does this mean to the actual consumer? Well it could mean a few things. It could make no difference what so ever and be unnoticeable, but if there is a chance the OS could start using that 1GB of RAM when a game needs it or is relying on it, it could potentially mean slow down. That being said, I don’t see that 1GB of RAM being used or relying on it at all, unless it’s guaranteed to be there.

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