Playstation 4 Memory “Drama”

In a new tweet, Mr. Sempere has clarified that the “drama” he was referring to was “not a big deal”. He also marveled at the fact that his one tweet sparked such a big reaction, especially on the Neogaf thread dedicated to it. At last count, the thread had almost 2,100 responses, full of speculation, arguments, and those laughing at how much of a furor has been created by one little tweet.



Recent tweets by Eurogamer Spain subdirector Josep Maria Sempere indicated that some “drama” surrounding the Playstation 4′s memory is imminent. According to Sempere’s subsequent tweets, Eurogamer is set to release an article relating to the matter, and that the article has been delayed to allow Sony to make a statement.

The Playstation 4, Sony’s Next-Gen console, is set to be released during the upcoming holiday season, though the exact release date is as yet unknown. Rumours abound as to the exact content of the “drama”. Tomodom has reached out to Sony for a comment on the matter, and will continue to update as the situation progresses.


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