Postmortem: One Must Die – as an agent of Death, you are tasked with taking a single life

Developer: Jakub Kasztalski
Release Date: August 15, 2013
Price: Free
Platforms: PC

You are put to task to take one life from a cast of influential and ambitious characters at a charity Gala, in a rich and complex setting of industrial-revolution, conflict-torn country.


Postmortem is a game where you, as death’s agent must decide the take the life of an attendee at a charity Gala that takes place during the industrial revolution. The crux of the game is the weight your decision carries. Whose life you decided to end will have world changing consequences.



Postmortem is very much a detective game, by talking to people, and searching through your surroundings, more can be learned about the world and reveal the background for each of your potential victims.

“How will your choice change the fate of the nation?”

Much like the Walking Dead, you get more out of the game the more invested you are in the out come of particular characters, but don’t expect an easy path. Each decision has a consequence, some will benefit, while others may hurt, the who in that scenario is all up to you.


“And what other effect could your involvement have?”




Postmortem will be available for free at the developers site, on August 15th. If this game interests you, and you’d like to see more from this developer, vote for them on steam greenlight, to help spread the word.

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