Preview: Ittle Dew, Link to the Past as a mean girl

Ittle Dew is a puzzly adventure game from Ludosity




Ittle Dew is a Zelda inspired adventure game, staring a female protagonist sharing the same name as the game’s title, who has a pension for hitting things, and is accompanied by her questionably helpful flying fox Tippsie. The game is already out for PC and Ouya, and will see a later release on Mac early July, and there will be a Wii U, iPad/Android release towards fall/winter.
This game really has me excited, too few games take the balance of puzzle and action in the same way as older Zelda titles. That and if this happens to give Nintendo a few ideas about a Zelda focused Legend of Zelda game, it would be a bonus.

Relase Dates & Platforms
Out Now: Ouya & Windows
July 12′th: Mac
End of July: Steam
Fall / Winter 2013: Linux, Wii U, iPad, Android tablets

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