Shadowrun Returns Release Date not Today

Many major releases for the App Store have arrived on time. Some have even arrived early such as Dues Ex: The Fall or Bounty Arms (released early in some parts of the world like the great white north). Shadowrun, however, dissapointed a market that has had a solid trend by delaying its release.

Portable Gaming Region contacted Harebrained Schemes to discover why Shadowrun’s release was delayed. Here is what Susan Lusty from Harebrained Schemes had to say:

While we wanted to get the mobile tablet versions out at the same time as the PC and Mac versions, our main priority is creating the best game possible on all platforms. To that end, we are going to delay the tablet versions for a few weeks to make sure that the game meets all our high expectations and delivers the best gaming experience we can on mobile tablets.

Here’s to hoping that this isn’t the beginning of a trend that plagues PC gaming, that is, delayed releases. Yet we shouldn’t pressure developers to release a glitchy mess simply because we lack patience. Quality over meeting deadlines (to an extent).

The end product doesn’t always live up to the hype, though. Take the Kickstarter project Star Command, which released its iOS version nearly a year later than projected, and that was only after starting a second Kickstarter campaign for a PC version. Star Command’s reception was mixed. Some critiques enjoyed it while others criticized its lack of content and simplified combat–Star Command was not the FTL of mobile.

On the other hand, Shadowrun more than quadrupled its Kickstarter goal of $400,000 with a whopping $1,836,447 from backers compared to Star Command’s total backers’ pledge of $36,967. This is a double-edged sword: the expectations are higher for Shadowrun while Harebrained Schemes should be able to produce a better quality game.

With these numbers in mind, its still disappointing to hear Shadowrun Returns’ release date (originally today) was pushed back to an unknown date. So long as Shadowrun doesn’t release below expectations, then I think that is OK.

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