TomoCon: Comic Con ’13: Assassin’s Creed IV Is that a pirate ship in San Diego?

If you were at San Diego Comic Con it was hard to miss the pirate ship docked at the convention center or at least hard to ignore the canon fire.

Comic con attendees as well as the general public were presented with three levels of free swag, activities, and even an expert on historical weapons (yes a professional pirate expert). The most exciting thing though was that in the lowest level of the pirate ship guests were shown a demo of the upcoming game

The world is expansive; the game developers said that it was the largest map they had ever done for Assassin’s Creed with 50 unique locations (which does not include the smaller islands where you can find treasure and other loot) and 3 large cities ( Havana, Kingston, and Nassau). Furthermore, this map is not empty, every single island has something for you to find or do and unlike previous titles the world will open up much earlier in the game and actively promotes exploration. With such an impressive map to explore it’s a good thing that you can attach your iPad and keep your map up at all times if you so choose.


During the course of gameplay you’ll be able to explore the sea, plunder other ships, and even go whaling for supplies. Through exploring the sea you’ll come to many small islands which contain treasure but it won’t always be smooth sailing. The current and weather will change as you sail ranging from calm waters to rough storms complete with harsh winds and huge waves. The storms are dangerous as the waves can toss your men overboard.  While sailing you may come upon other ships (British, Spanish or other pirates) and you can choose to engage them in battle. It’s important to remember to hold back a bit if you do intend to engage them in battle because the goal is not just to sink the other ship. Once you’ve destroyed their mast you are able to command your men to board the ship in an attempt to take it. You must kill the majority of the other ship’s crew in order to gain control of the ship and  then you can decide what to do with the remaining crew members (you can either kill them or you can recruit them to join your crew).  Additionally, after you’ve decided what to do with the crew you can decide what to do with the ship; you can with scrap it for parts to repair your own ship or you can add it to your fleet.

Building a fleet will be important for a meta game that will be available for the Ipad.

With single player combat the developers noted that there will be a return of more stealth killing as seen in the original titles and that a new weapon to look forward to is the berserk dart. By shooting something with this dart, it can be a enemy or animal, the target will begin attack everyone in the general vicinity (which is great for distractions). The developers also noted that the storyline will be fresh for those who have not played previous titles but will still answer a lot of questions for long time fans of the series.


The second level allowed guests to try out the multi-player game mode which featured 10 characters to choose from:

  • The Cutthroat
  • The Puppeteer
  • The Duellist
  • The Navigator
  • The Physician
  • The Adventurer
  • The Dandy
  • The Mercenary
  • The Rebel
  • The Lady Black

For multiplayer mode your objective is to kill your target which will change with each kill. A new feature is the Game Lab which allows you to edit the arena to your liking. For example, the demo only permitted kills by pistol so for this particular round stealth kills were not allowed.

Available October 29 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and WiiU. It will also be available as a “launch title” for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Photos by Steven D’alo.

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