Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Has Female Soldiers

As part of today’s official Call of Duty: Ghosts¬†multiplayer reveal, there’s a new trailer up on YouTube:

Astute observers — or those who simply watched most of the trailer — were quick to notice a particular addition to the game’s previously-known features: namely, the inclusion of female soldiers. One brave such gal (I say brave because she isn’t wearing a helmet — yikes!) is clearly visible at 2:39 in the trailer.

IGN reports that the female soldiers are playable characters in multiplayer. Ghosts‘ multiplayer will focus heavily on customization for characters — so while it isn’t what perhaps some players might have hoped for (such as a playable female protagonist for the single-player campaign), it seems Infinity Ward is putting some serious and laudable effort into enhancing the game’s customizability in multiple respects. It remains to be seen whether they will extend this customizability to the much-hyped playable dogs, however; no word yet on whether the tiny but dedicated Corgi-loving demographic can hope for similarly pleasant surprises from future announcements.

Today’s official multiplayer reveal can be viewed in its entirety¬†here.

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