Dark Souls II Closed Beta this October for PS3

Praise the Sun!

Bad news. Dark Souls 2 is still a months off, and wont be out till March 2014.

Good news. There’s going to be a closed beta starting October 5th for the PS3. In the beta you will “delve into one of the most treacherous areas of the Dark Souls 2 world,” giving players a chance to “explore an entirely new area of the game” and “experience overwhelming enemy encounters, diabolical challenges” There may be bugs, some of them game breaking, others crashing the PS3, but who cares, you get to play Dark Souls 2 early.

Information on how to enter the beta has not been released yet, but the publisher Namco Bandai recommends keeping on eye on the Dark Souls facebook page for any updates. News regarding the registration process should start showing up around September 5th, about one month before the beta is slated to begin. How many applicants will be accepted is undetermined, so play it safe and apply early.




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