Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Allow Players to Choose Their Race

An announcement today from Game Informer teasing its September cover, which features next year’s upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, was met with more excitement than one might have expected even for the highly-anticipated AAA title. The reason? The announcement let slip that DA:I will feature the return of multiple player-character races, such as elves and dwarves:

Large and varied environments, customizable armor, and the return of multiple player races are just a few of the ways BioWare is addressing feedback from previous titles in order to shape a new future for the franchise.

Previous announcements relating to the game had indicated that players would be limited to playing as humans. BioWare has confirmed in its forums that multiple playable races will be featured in DA:I, thanks largely to the game’s year-delayed release date, which was announced earlier this year. Furthermore, the existence of multiple playable races will not alter BioWare’s plans for fully-voiced protagonists.

Game Informer’s announcement was accompanied by the promise of a month of exclusive features relating to DA:I, so Dragon Age fans likely have more exciting news to look forward in the coming days. Game Informer’s dedicated DA:I page doesn’t have any real info up yet about what sort of content can be expected, but promises an update tomorrow. In the meantime, the trailer offers a hint at what’s to come:

Although Dragon Age: Inquisition is not yet available for preorder, if more of the forthcoming information is anything like today’s announcement, BioWare can likely look forward to an increase in planned preorders — the announcement signals the incorporation of player feedback in light of muted reactions to previous BioWare titles such as Dragon Age II, one of the complaints about which was the game’s limiting players to creating human protagonists.

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