From Print to Pixels: Neil Gaiman’s Wayward Manor

Lovers of literature and the macabre rejoice! Coming out in its first installment this fall, Neil Gaiman has branched out further with a video game adaptation of his work Wayward Manor. Encompassing books, movies, comics and more, Neil Gaiman’s stories have a touch of the uncanny and plenty of spookiness to spare and Wayward Manor is no exception. Set in the roaring twenties, you are a ghost who has had their abode intruded upon by a brood of unsavory visitors. How you decide to evict them is left up to you.

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The game will be available for PC, Mac and Tablets with starting with the initial installment and then going from there. In order to help encourage awareness, if you visit you will find a trove of options to choose for preordering the game. For those lucky enough to have a spare $10,000 lying around you can even have dinner with Neil at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. Co-developed together with The Odd Gentleman studios and published by Moonshark, the quirky and wonderfully disturbing aura is conveyed in the available concept art and trailer. For a paltry $10.00, you get a digital copy of the game, a thank you on their website, and an early download of a song from the soundtrack. Besides Tom Clancy, I can’t think of too many established authors doing games right now. Maybe endeavors like this will be more common in the future? I guess that’s up to us to decide.

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