Pandemic and Talisman: More Board Games coming to iOS and PC

In the last 24 hours two important announcements have been released about electronic board game adaptations.

The expected news that emerged today was the release of pricing and preorders for Talisman Digital for the PC.  For those who are unfamiliar, Talisman was one of the great-grandaddies of the dungeon delving board games.  First released in 1983, the game has gone through multiple iterations of it’s three-world dice rolling quests.  Fantasy Flight Games / Games Workshop licensed their property to Nomad Games in Germany, leading to the 2011 release of the single-player variant of Talisman called Talisman: Prologue, which is available for iOS and PC.  Talisman Digital looks to be using the same engine but expands the game to play using the real rules and adds the ability to play not only against AI players but also with up to 4 people in multiplayer.  The game preorder may be purchased for $12.99 for the base game, although they have many layers of preorder which seems to emulate a Kickstarter pledge series.  Multiple expansions are promised and Talisman Digital is currently under consideration at Steam Greenlight.  While not mentioned in their announcement, it can be assumed like Prologue the game is probably being looked to for iOS development.



Talisman Splash Screen


While Talisman Digital was being shown off in Cologne’s Game Day on Sunday, more unexpected board game adaptation news was brewing when today Z-Man Games officially announced that their fan favorite board game Pandemic will be getting the iOS overhaul.  They have created a new game studio for their productions called F2Z Digital media Inc. which will handle the conversion of not only Pandemic but promises further games from Z-Man Games’ offerings in the future.


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