Xbox One Friendly To Indie Gamers

It seemed like yesterday that Xbox One was less than willing to cooperate with the indie market. Now it seems that they’re a completely different group.  In their press conference at Gamescom2013, Phil Harrison, Corporate Vice President of Xbox, spoke a bit about the self publishing program. “We’ve been listening very hard to our development partners all around the world to what they want in a self publishing platform.” He was followed by a two minute video of different developers who explained what they want.

The program that Harrison explains has four parts. First, qualified developers will receive development kits at no cost. While they announced that eventually every xbox will be a development kit on it’s, this will not be available at launch. Second, tools and resources will be available to developers.  Third, no fees for activation. Finally, Harrison addresses discoverability through explaining briefly how the architecture of the Xbox One through trending, recommendations and spotlights will present games to gamers. Through game DVR, games can easily be discovered virally.

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