Tomoweird: Mond Cards

“Well, what they say is true. If you play a game of Mond Cards with me, and beat me, then you will indeed receive what you are seeking.”

Mond Cards is a game made by Ryan Melmoth, who owns, and his site certainly lives up to it’s namesake. Where to begin. Mond Cards, is really strange.

A man with no eyes has invited you to play a game of Mond Cards, behind him stands an elephant with swirling rainbow eyes who seems to be experiencing the best acid trip of his life. To the left of the inebriated elephant stands an insect-man sporting a pink banana-hammock who constantly hits on you, calling you his fuck-forever friend. If you win the game, then you receive whatever it is you are seeking. Losing results in forfeiting your life over to the eyeless man to be his eternal plaything.

The rules are both obtuse and obfuscated, and the only one who seems to understand the game is the eyeless old man sitting across the table. Every round the rules change, and your tasked in picking the best cards out of sets of three, but you have no way of knowing which cards are worth the most. Every defeat is punctuated by the old man making fun of your inability to understand such a simple game.

Mond Cards is pretty narrative heavy, and done with an interesting visual style and played to trippy music reminiscent to Hotline Miami. Mond Cards can be played on your browser at Ryan Melmoth’s website, along with his other games which are worth checking out.

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