Olympia Rising- Fight, climb, and explore your way through the vast depths of the Underworld on a quest to reach Mount Olympus

In the fields of Asphodel at the edge of Hades, you gave your last mortal breath…



In Olympia Rising, made by the developers PALEOZOIC, you play as Iola. She proved herself a hero during her mortal life resides in the Asphodel Fields, a paradise within the Underworld. Memories from Iola’s mortal life start to return, rousing her to action. She then seeks to escape the Underworld, and reach Zeus to ask why her eternal rest has ended.


Olympia Rising is very in line with 16-bit action games of the SNES era in both gameplay and visuals. The controls feel quick, fluid, and precise, making Olympia Rising a joy to play. The one fault that can be leveraged against it being the game is best played with a controller. Options for a mouse and keyboard exist, and work functionally, but by it is not the best way to play. Your trusty sword is used to make quick work of enemies up close, but magic is also at Iola’s disposable. From a flamethrower like range attack, to controlling the wind to send Iola soaring up through the Underworld. The goal of each level is to collect enough coins along the way to pay Charon the Ferryman, who takes to the next stage.

625e205ae7fea639df2ac46a03ecf378_largeThe game is currently on kickstarter where it can be procured for just $5, on PC, Mac, or Linux. A free demo of Olympia Rising can be played on your browser if your unsure.

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