Project Sen, the love child of Mega Man X, Metroid and Gunstar Heroes you didn’t know you wanted

Project Sen is a 2D style action platformer similar to games like MegaMan X, Super Metroid and Gunstar Heroes; Fast-paced action, challenging gameplay and memorable characters.

Project Sen Re-Launch


Project Sen had launched a kickstarter that ended this past December that unfortunately didn’t meet the target funding goal. Not to worry, the fine people that make up cakemachine games are too cool to let that stop them. A re-launch of Project Sen is in the works, and is due to kick off with a (playable) Alpha demo some time this year. Other changes include an emphasis on exploration, leaving it up to the player to discover the story on their own. Hand holing has become a bit of a curse word for some. So it’s nice to see games being made that respects the player enough to let them figure things out for themselves.

“The game follows the lead hero, Sen, on a moon colony overtaken by hostile forces. It’s her mission to assist her superior officer, Ella, in rescuing the residents of the colony — and perhaps the universe — from this mysterious threat to humanity.”

Project Sen is slated to release some time this year on the PC, Mac iOS, Android, and Ouya.

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