Shit People Say to Nerd Girls

As a girl who happens to like playing video games, watching scifi, reading comic books, and generally getting way too excited about science, I’ve heard people say a lot of weird stuff to me over the years. I also know a bunch of girl who like the same stuff and we tend to talk about it. So I decided to put the stuff I’ve heard and what other girls tell me they’ve heard from people into a video for your entertainment.

Maybe guys hear some of this stuff too, but I think most of it is pretty unique to the unique experience of being a nerd girl.

What have you guys heard? Can you relate to the stuff in the video? What else would you like to see me make? Let me know in the comments!

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About Mashka Wolfe

Mashka is an actor and blogger living in Los Angeles. She runs the GeeksOutside Youtube channel and is a member of the Actors' Gang Theatre Company. She likes action adventure games and RPGs.