Nightmare Busters- 1st SNES game released since 1998

Is 15 years too late?

The last time I bought a game that wasn’t on a disk or a digital copy was about 2001, when I traded in my N64 for Gamecube. Every once in a while I dust off my SNES, and replay through a few of my old favorites, but never did it occur to me I might get to play something completely new.

I thought this was a hokes when I first heard it, but there’s a new game coming out for the Super Nintendo called Nightmare Busters. It’s a brand new game coming out for the SNES a 15 years, and full four Nintendo consoles later. This isn’t an indie game done in 16-bit style, or an homage to a SNES title of yore. It puts all others to shame, Nightmare Busters is on a cartridge, boxed with a manual, just like the one you’d find on store shelves when Nintendo Power was still a premier news source for games.

Look at this! The only way to find SNES games like this are those mint in box copies sold on ebay for small fortunes.

Look at this! The only way to find SNES games like this are those mint in box copies sold on ebay for small fortunes.

The game is being developed by Super Fighting Street, and is available for purchase. So how much will this set you back? If you live in the U.S. it goes for $68, anywhere else and it’s $75. For some the price might come off as steep, but paying around $70 for a SNES game when the console was still new was a common occurrence. Secret of Manna, Chrono Trigger, and Earth Bound, all sold originally around the $90 mark.

So what kind of game is Nightmare Busters?

Nightmare Busters is a 2D action game, where you play as the leprechaun Flynn, and his twin brother Floyd, as they try to stop the Tyrant from turning children’s dreams into nightmares. Nothing revolutionary, but it looks solid. This game isn’t really marketed toward your average consumer. With just 600 copies available for purchase, Nightmare Busters is more of a collectors item for a fan of retro games.


So why the SNES?

Well according to the development team Super Fighter Team was formed around the dream that new life can be breathed into video games, game systems and computers that have otherwise been abandoned by game companies.

Its not unheard of for a a group of talented individuals to release new games for old platforms. Take Ed Fries for example, who released a de-make of Halo for the 2600. The game can be played for free here, but Halo 2600 saw a physical release that was playable on Atari 2600s. If you want to go a little more hard core, look no further than NG:DEV.TEAM. founded in 2001 by brothers  Timm and René Hellwig, the team releases 2D arcade style games for the NEO-GE0 and Sega Dreamcast. to date they have released five new games for the Sega Dreamcast, their fifth one titled, NEO XYX, coming out on Neo Geo in 2013, and the Dreamcast in 2014.

So while rare, it’s not completely unheard of  to release something on an older console.



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