Steam Marines- Steampunk, Spaceships, and pixels, Oh My!

 Don’t Punch the Vending Machines

All it takes is one mistake to bring your efforts crumbling down. A pile of failure lays at your feet. It stands as a monument to your arrogance. It shall be a sign to those who come after. Will they heed the lesson, will they learn from your hubris?

In all likelihood, probably not.

Steam Marines, is kinda like a 2D X-COM with some serious Space Hulk vibes going on. Steam Marines is a roguelike set on board a ship , you control a squad of four soldiers who must reach the elevator on each procedurally generated floor, and proceed through the ship. Make it through all parts of the ship and achieve freedom.

There are four classes to choose from, a leader, support, scout and grenadier. Each marine has a particular task to which the excel. The leader can move enemies back a tile. The scout has range, speed, and high damage. Grenadiers are king of mopping up groups clustered together. Support, lots, of ammo, good damage, a nice guy to have around. Squad layout isn’t static. If you want four scouts, go for it. Just take into account what you might be giving up by doubling down on a particular unit.All terrain is destructible. Cornered with no way out. Then break down the nearest wall, make your own path. Just be careful that something worse isn’t behind it.



Steam Marines is made by developer Worthlessbums. It’s available on Steam for PC/Mac for $7.99. As a heads up Steam Marines is an early access game, so some parts are subject to change, but it’s proven to be pretty rad so far. Fair warning. This game is tough. A tutorial is available to show you the ropes, but beyond teaching the basic mechanics you’ll be on your own. Depending on your tastes that can be good or bad. I personally like a game with a challenge. Something to really dig one’s teeth into.

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