Game Review: Obamacare

You’ve probably already heard about this new puzzle game that is sweeping the country. Maybe you’ve already played it! It seems like people either love it or hate it, like with a lot of genre-breaking or re-imaging games.

I’ve finally jumped on the Obamacare bandwagon! As usual, I’m late to the party. I do generally like to wait for a few months after a game comes out so that I don’t have to pay full price. But it didn’t seem to make a difference this time because it was a limited release.

I was curious to see what was up, and I didn’t really want to cut them any slack for this being the developer’s first game release. Everyone needs to be held to the same standards, right?

So many questions remain: Should the federal government be publishing video games? Will there be a sequel?

Maybe just two questions.

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About Mashka Wolfe

Mashka is an actor and blogger living in Los Angeles. She runs the GeeksOutside Youtube channel and is a member of the Actors' Gang Theatre Company. She likes action adventure games and RPGs.