More Female Main Characters, Please!

I love America, and in this great country capitalism rules supreme. Therefore, I will try to use the laws of supply and demand to lobby for something I’ve wanted for some time.

In this glorious country it is said that the market provides for everything. If there is a demand, there will be a supply. So I am going to try voice my desire for more female main characters in video games, in the hopes that I can nudge the market in that direction. Is it going to change the industry? No.

But change is usually slow anyway, so I am putting my drop in the bucket. I can’t make video games. I spent my young adulthood learning skills like: talking in front of other people, taking photographs, dancing, talking loudly, displaying believable emotions, drawing, playing video games, structuring stories, writing, and drinking alcohol.

All I can do is try to inspire the people who do make video games that this is something they should do. Or at least that there are people out there that would buy games with female main characters.

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About Mashka Wolfe

Mashka is an actor and blogger living in Los Angeles. She runs the GeeksOutside Youtube channel and is a member of the Actors' Gang Theatre Company. She likes action adventure games and RPGs.