Somoas and Video Games: Girl Scouts learn to be game devs

Girl scout Junior Troop 80833 of Flemington,NJ are not only getting you your cookie fix this year to earn those patches, these gals are earning a new one, video game development.

These young ladies are partaking in a very useful workshop “Video Game Design is Not Just for Boys”, at their local GameU branch. Which if you don’t know what GameU is, it is a fantastic after school program that gives kids the chance to learn about technology; and of course, learn to make their own video games.

Founded by video game veteran and native of Flemington,  Michael Kawas, developed the program to engage kids who already love to play games to use that passion to know how to create video games through programming, designing, teamwork, digital art,and other creative and programming skills.

Granted, Kawas was a little skeptical on whether if he would have a positive enthusiasm (along with the parents) if GameU would take off, so far, the program has made a strong start.

The girls started off the workshop in first learning about how to use a 3D printer,then moved on to the next part of their lesson, creating their own 2D Scroller. After their completion, they where able to play test one another’s game.

Hell, and as a former girl scout, I love the fact there is now a badge out that can show off my skills as a game dev and not by how many Samoa’s I can sell and eat…Granted I would just do both because Samoas a freaking delicious. Honorable mention Thin Mints.


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