FTL: Advanced Edition released

In Space No One Can Hear You…

Two years after the debut of space faring rougelike, FTL: Faster Than Light, it received an update, and is now called FTL: Advanced Edition. The new version of the game adds features to the original and is a free download for players who already own the original. This coincided with the games launch on the iPad. The option to play classic FTL remains an option in the games main menu.

The core conceit of the FTL, to travel from Sector 1 to 8 where you defeat the Rebel flagship remains the same. New sector specific events have been added that add more variety to encounters, and offer something fresh for returning players.

The largest change is the inclusion of new weapons along with three new systems the cloning bay, mind control  and hacking system. The cloning bay allows dead crew members to be revived at the cost of skill progression, but this removes the heavy consequences of playing risky. Loosing inexperienced crew to boarding actions, or a giant space spider is a thing of the past.

The new hacking system changes what it does depending on which enemy systems you choose to hack. Hit their door controls, locks all doors aboard an enemy ship. Hacking the Oxygen starts venting the whole ship. The list goes on, and it adds a new level of depth to a variety of play styles.

Mind control is devilishly fun. You can turn your enemies crew on one another, keeping them occupied while your own boarding party joins the fray.


The Lanius, the new race included in FTL: Advanced Edition are a metallic scavenger race, whose biological composition sucks out the oxygen from the rooms they happen to be standing in. Their lack of need for oxygen makes the Lanius great for dealing with hull breaches, where normal crew would suffer. They also make great boarders.  Their ships all look like space age scarabs made of blades, and come standard with a cloning bay and hacking system off the bat.

Slew of new features added

  • New Race “Lanius”: Scavenger race that suck sthe oxygen out of any room they stand in
  • Hard Mode
  • Cloning Bay
  • Mind Control System
  • Hacking
  • New Type C layouts for existing ships
  • Brand new sector events


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