Coming Out Simulator 2014 is Authentic, Personal, Unique

Empathy takes on a whole new meaning in Coming Out Simulator 2014, an auto-biographical chose-your-adventure style conversation game.  Relying on a tense storyline rather than graphics, Coming Out Simulator immerses the player in one of the most emotionally strenuous situations known to the LGBT community.  Even with the most supportive friends and family, coming out takes tremendous courage, yet in the case of game creator Nicky Case, his parents are far from supportive.

Coming Out Simulator will have you chuckling, crying, and shifting in your seat as you chose how you want the conversation to play out.  Of course, the real story, which took place in 2010, only has one true outcome, but, as Nicky introduces it, Coming Out Simulator is a “half-true game about half-truths” and explores other user-created fictions.

Whether you’ve been in this difficult spot before and can relate to the dialogue, or want to know and experience the pressures and anxieties of coming out, be sure to set aside about 25 minutes to play through Coming Out Simulator (or more if you’ll be tempted to replay it).  Just remember; the characters will remember every option you choose, so choose wisely.

The open-source game can be played for free online.

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