I Read My Mean YouTube Comments

These are mostly mean comments from my most popular video, Fake Nerd Boys. A lot of people watched it and a lot of people got upset by it, completely missing the message I was trying to send. But from their ignorance comes our entertainment.

Why is it that people feel the need to be mean to others in the comments sections of various websites? Is it because the lack of face to face contact makes people less inhibited? Is it because of a culture of trolling and hate that permeates the digital world? Is it because these people are Fake Nerd Boys?

Seriously though, I can have a sense of humor about these comments, but some people don’t or can’t. So let’s all just try to be a bit nicer and try to have a laugh when confronted by douchbagery.

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About Mashka Wolfe

Mashka is an actor and blogger living in Los Angeles. She runs the GeeksOutside Youtube channel and is a member of the Actors' Gang Theatre Company. She likes action adventure games and RPGs.