Follow me at Indiecade 2014

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Indiecade 2014 in Culver City. It was an amazing time. I really enjoyed all the weird little indie games, but by far the best part were the Oculus games. Virtual reality games are going to be exactly as awesome as they sound, especially when they are combined with motion capture technology like a few of the games at Indiecade.

Some of the games you can see me playing are:

Starwhal: Just the Tip by Breakfall

Affordable Space Adventures by KnapNok Games & Nifflas Games

Apotheon by Alien Trap

Heart Beat Amplifier

Light Fight by Arkadium

RainboDisko by Tabletop

Thralled by Team Thralled

See you there next year!

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Mashka is an actor and blogger living in Los Angeles. She runs the GeeksOutside Youtube channel and is a member of the Actors' Gang Theatre Company. She likes action adventure games and RPGs.