About Us

Tomodom (pronounced Toe-Moe-Dahm) comes from combining “tò mò,” Vietnamese for “curious,” and the suffix “-dom,” which denotes a state or condition. Our logo is a castle, but you’ll find no monarchs or bosses in it — just an eclectic group of gamers sharing their love of games with The Internet and its many tubes. Tomodom is staffed by a diverse group of volunteer writers from all walks of life. The one thing we all share is a love of games. That and writing skills that could not-unfairly be described as “insurmountably brilliant … hinting at unknown depths.”*

We here at Tomodom engage our curiosity in service of our readers by bringing you breaking news, topical features, reviews of games both hyped and hidden, and a generous helping of nostalgia. Just as curiosity has no boundaries or rules, we don’t believe that a “gamer” is any particular type of person. We strive to make anyone who loves games feel welcome at Tomodom, no matter what they look like or which platform they prefer. Our castle is big enough for all the games!

*Any blog reviewers who would like to describe us this way are welcome to do so. Just trying to help y’all out.