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Review: Beyond: Two Souls


Beyond: Two Souls aims to be one of the most story driven and emotional games ever. It has Hollywood actors, it has lifelike graphics, it has vast amounts of motion capture, and it has something that kind of sort of resembles gameplay. While there is a lot of story, and there are emotional events and there is gameplay, none of them really hit the mark. This game feels like a broken vase that has been glued back together and called a work of art.

16-Bit barcade set to open in Columbus, Ohio


16-Bit barcade looks to be the next big thing in Columbus, Ohio. We ventured there to get a preview of the almost-complete barcade and had a chat with its owner, Troy Allen, to get an idea of what the public can expect.

Review: Rise of the Triad


Having never played Rise of the Triad, I went into this game with fresh eyes hoping for something out of the ordinary. I certainly got something different than I’m used to, in the sense that this is extremely old school with a shiny new coat of paint. Rise of the Triad is a game that misses the mark, much like you will, over and over again in its awkward platforming.

Preview: Spy Party Beta – Tag, You’re Dead


Looking for a unique multiplayer experience? Spy Party, now in open beta, has players alternate between spies and snipers, emphasizing smarts over ‘splosions.

Preview: Collateral – Crazy Taxi meets The Fifth Element


Dancing Dinosaur Games’ upcoming Kickstarter-funded game, Collateral, takes taxi driving to new heights — literally.

Playstation 4 games can only use up to 5.5GB of RAM, or is it 4.5GB?


Eurogamer is reporting that leaked documents have confirmed that 3.5GB of the Playstation 4′s RAM will be dedicated to use in it’s OS. The other 4.5GB will be usable by games, putting it just below the Xbox One’s 5GB of slower DDR3 RAM. Eurogamer also states their sources tell them there is 1gb of “flexible” memory that can be used when the OS isn’t using it.

Cube World: What is next for this voxel filled RPG?


As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Cube World even though it is still in its alpha stage. I’ve seen much discussion about the current form of the game and little to no speculation about the planned upcoming features. So let’s take a look, shall we?