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Somoas and Video Games: Girl Scouts learn to be game devs


Bake sale over boys,time kick butt and make video games…Girl Scout style.

Halo 4 Champions Bundle ready to make your acquaintance for the right price


Soon you will be able to purchase new maps and new rags for your Spartan. On August 20th, the fourth major expansion in the Infinity Multiplayer experience for Halo will be available for just 800 Microsoft Points ($10.00 USD). But you’ll want to get a jump on it soon; it’s only available for a limited […]

Nintendo’s battle plan…It waits…


Reggie Fils-Amie did an interview with Forbe’s to talk about Nintendo’s planned hail mary behind their console war plans.

I will do anything for video games…But I won’t do that…that being sell body parts


How far would you go for video games? Anything? How about one of your kidneys? Well, one man did, just to pay off a debt

Ouya is ready for its close up


The Ouya is due for its release tomorrow, but will gamers give the console a chance at being the fun one at the party, or a party pooper? Some reviewers had the chance to get their hands on the console before the official release and had some interesting words for this alleged “game changer” console.

UK devs cross fingers for tax breaks workplace images

It’s been two months since the UK game developers should have had a tax break.Today the UK nonprofit, TIGA’s CEO argues with the EU Commission to finally make up their minds.

Steel Diver to be free-to-play to kick off Nintendo’s digital escapades


Nintendo plans to lure the Americans and the Europeans to digital downloads for Nintendo games by offering a free game to kick it off.They believe this should kick off a long term habit to other digital downloads since it was a huge success for the digital version of “Animal Crossing-New leaf” in Japan.Who are avid consumers of digital versions of Nintendo games.