The Neverhood Retro Game Video Review


When I was a kid my best friend and I played this game together. We talked about it all the time and solved the puzzles together and we even made little clay sculptures and environments inspired by the game world! It was pretty great. I really wish there were more really odd games out there […]

Tomostalgia: Say Goodbye to Turn-based JRPGs (And is it Really a Bad Thing?)


Turn-based combat in JRPGs, which features a player’s party (typically a group of three or more main characters) restrained to selecting their enemies’ route of decimation through a list of various actions like Attack and Magic, is dead. Even the series that essentially gave birth to the immense popularity of turn-based combat in Japanese roleplaying […]

Tomostalgia: Discovering the Wasteland


For this gamer, the original Fallout wasn’t just a brilliantly snarky take on dystopian role-playing games; it was a sanity-saving rejoinder to a sanitized upbringing.

Tomostalgia: Feeling Old (And Quite Nostalgic) About Final Fantasy X


When I first read about the upcoming HD update of Final Fantasy X, the first thing I thought was I couldn’t believe Square Enix has practically redone every single Final Fantasy except for the only one fans have been rambunctiously vocal about wanting (*cough* Final Fantasy VII *cough*). Then I just couldn’t get over how it had been more than ten years since the game came out on the Playstation 2. It was the first video game other than some casual SNES Legend of Zelda play that I really got into. The game played a pivotal role in my development as a youngster, and because of nostalgia it remains my favorite game in the series and one of my favorite games of all time.

Tomostalgia: 1996 Nintendo of America E3 “Take Away” Videos


The 90′s were a weird decade, a gloriously weird decade. The following video illustrates this feel exactly, as they were for Nintendo and retailers to summarize Nintendo of Americas E3 2006. We get our firsts looks at many classic games and who knew Kirby’s Air Ride started development at the start of the consoles life, […]