Nintendo Direct- 2-13-2014


Highlights and Release Dates While nothing mind blowing was announced , on this Nintendo Direct, a lot of the news has helped to fill the vacancy of games that tends to preoccupy the months between February and May. The Wii U will won’t be getting anything till late April, but the 3DS will be going […]

Review: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team


The Mario & Luigi series has offered a number of simple yet endearing rpgs for the Nintendo handhelds over the years. Humorous writing combined with unique and engaging combat system gives the series an identity all it’s own. The Mario & Luigi games succeed due to their charm, silliness, that just so happen to include an enjoyable rpg. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the fourth installment in the franchise, sadly it’s out done by it’s predecessors.

TomoCon: Comic-Con ’13: The Nintendo Gaming Lounge


One of the highlights of San Diego Comic Con is that the adjacent Marriott Hotel is taken over by plumbers, heroes, and pokemon. With upcoming titles, big screens, bean bag chairs and even a charging station for your DS the Nintendo gaming lounge never fails to exceed expectations.

TomoCon: Comic-Con ’13: Capcom Roundup


The world of Capcom panel shared the latest details on all their upcoming games. Titles include: Dead Rising 3, Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Lost Planet 3, Ducktales Remastered, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Strider.