TomoCon: Comic-Con ’13: Arkham Origins


From the floor of San Diego Comic Con comes the next game in the Arkham asylum series Origins, a prequel inspired by Legends of the Dark Knight and Year one.

A Hero of Time’s History: Skyward Sword


Our hero’s story begins with 2011’s Skyward Sword. If the purpose of this series is to tie all the threads together, then Skyward Sword is the colossal ball of string that I am pulling from. It is where we meet some of our cherished characters and see the humble beginnings of the legends told in the series. (Spoilers inside!)

Operation Region-Freefall: region-free Wii U movement


Region locking has acted as sort of geographical DRM for a long time now. Both the Xbox One and PS4 will be region free, forgoing the moding process to play imported titles or the even steeper solution of purchasing a console from the country of the desired game. This leaves the WiiU as the only […]

Steel Diver to be free-to-play to kick off Nintendo’s digital escapades


Nintendo plans to lure the Americans and the Europeans to digital downloads for Nintendo games by offering a free game to kick it off.They believe this should kick off a long term habit to other digital downloads since it was a huge success for the digital version of “Animal Crossing-New leaf” in Japan.Who are avid consumers of digital versions of Nintendo games.

E3 2013 News Center


Welcome to the 2013 coverage of E3 by Tomodom. This page will be used as an easy to access guide to all things E3 posted on our site as they come in.