Infinity Blade 3 for iPhone listed on ChAIR employees LinkedIn


I am sure this news is the coconut lotion for the recent burns by the cancellation of Infinity Blade Dungeons. If the senior quality assurance tester’s LinkedIn is true, then ChAIR is developing a third Infinity Blade. After the announcement for Infinity Blade Dungeons cancellation, Mustard, the co-founder and creative director of ChAIR said: “There’s more […]

Review: The Walking Dead: 400 Days


The Walking Dead 400 Days begins at a missing persons board. A breeze sweeps through photographs of anonymous loved ones who we wouldn’t expect had a story worth telling. These are the stories we assumed ended day one. At the very least, we assumed that these stories are about survival; the same story we’ve experienced in every zombie fiction. Telltale subverts these assumptions by broadening a genre exhausted by the survival narrative.

Mobile as the Future of Video Games


You know what I see standing in line at the supermarket—aside from the self-image corrupting magazines in juxtaposition with candy bars—kids on iPhones. Parents hand their children an iPad or an iPhone to prevent them from having a meltdown over a toy they couldn’t have because what kid needs toys when playing Angry Birds. They’re too busy snagging three stars on all the levels mommy and daddy failed at to kick up a fuss.

iOS App Store Picks of the Week 07/27/2013


The App Store is a busy bazaar with talented developers pushing their games onto you while simultaneously not-so-shiny games make an appearance. Here’s a mix of the great games released like me. If you’re like me, you have at least ten pages on your iPad of games. New Picks Bloodmasque ($6.99): Import your face to […]

Shadowrun Returns Release Date not Today


Many major releases for the App Store have arrived on time. Some have even arrived early such as Dues Ex: The Fall or Bounty Arms (released early in some parts of the world like the great white north). Shadowrun, however, dissapointed a market that has had a solid trend by delaying its release. Portable Gaming […]

X-Men: Battle of the Atom, free-to-play card game announced by Marvel


Based on the free-to-play scheme of Marvel Heroes, I am skeptical of Marvel’s team up with GREE to release X-Men: Battle of the Atom. This new mobile will tie in with Marvel’s with an upcoming event in the Marvel Universe under the same name. It will be a card game, featuring hundreds of characters from the […]

The next Junk Jack announced


A long time ago, when I was new to the mobile game scene, I had to occupy myself for an eight hour plane ride to Toronto. Eight hours was not long enough to explore the flat world Junk Jack was stranded on. In eight hours, I erected a stone tower, fought off skeletons, massacred critters, […]