Rating Scale

Here at Tomodom we intend to do reviews a bit differently than your average gaming website. We want to be as critical as possible, brutally honest and assign a score from a fully utilized and defined review scale. Our reviews will be our personal like or dislike of a game, and we will explain the best we can why we feel that way.

Our Scale:

Most sites have a 4 point scale they tend to run on, but here at Tomodom we believe in using the entire 10 point scale to prevent review score bloating. Don’t be surprised if a game that is just average gets a 5, or if a game we really liked gets an 8, or if Aliens: Colonial Marines 2 gets a 1. Here is our scale, defined just to be clear.

10 – Play, look, feel, taste and smell like perfection to the untrained eye. To us they almost seem perfect too. They advance their genre and have original concepts executed well. Must plays.

9 – Very close to perfection, a few bumps in the road, be them bugs, glitches, fluff, or just minor issues. With some refinement and or updates these could potentially be a 10.

8 – Formally known as H8te out of 10, these games are well put together, all around enjoyable and are easily recommendable. They refine or expand upon their genres.

7 – Above average but below expectations. These games are fun, clearly have things going for them, but just missed the mark. They play it safe and stick what works in their genre.

- Just above average. These games expand upon their genre, but just barely. They may have one or two issues that can be overlooked if you are invested in the gameplay / story / characters.

- These are average in every way shape and form. They play it safe with concepts, graphics and gameplay. Nothing sets them apart from other games besides their title.

- Just below average, perhaps with a few shining moments, these leave players feeling like there could have been more. These games These are the games hardcore fans of a series or genre will enjoy, but other casual players may not be into.  Renting may be a good practice here.

- Do you ever order food and only get 75% of your order? That is what playing these games are like. Major pieces are missing or the game is too shallow or short. Your attention will probably be better spent elsewhere.

- Did people expect to make money with these or are they an inside joke between them and their friends? These games are offensive in the fact that they exist. Broken mechanics, nonexistent or nonsensical stories, or just straight up been there, done that lazy attempts at games.

1 - The worst of the worst. Complete and utter trash, it is hard to believe these are on store shelves. Whomever made these games should be ashamed and honestly just stop making games. Buy these for your friends as gag gifts for a dollar at your local game store.

Our scores are clearly broken down, and their definitions are included with every review to help you, the reader, understand why a game received a score that it did. Some people have spoken out about using review scores stating that only the text matters, if you feel that way feel free to ignore the numerical rating at the bottom of the reviews. Our ratings should reflect the tone and voice of the said review and do not change the text of said review one bit.

Who, when and why reviews are done:

Whomever does a review does said review because it is something they specialize in or enjoy. If a JRPG comes out on PS3, then one of our reviewers who enjoys JRPGs on PS3 will do the review for that game. If a fighting game comes out, then someone who enjoys fighting games will do the review. This is not to keep scores high, but so that you the reader knows that if a game gets a bad or good review score, you can trust in that score, because the reviewer is a fan of that particular genre or type of game.  

We do reviews as soon as possible, but sometimes we may not have a review out on release day. Reviews are done once games are fully played through by the reviewer, and they have experienced most all gameplay aspects the game has to offer (if a game is trash I would never ask anyone to torture themselves to finish it). Sometimes this takes longer than expected and reviews may be late, or review copies may not have been available in time, either way our goal is to get you the best review we can, as soon as it can be done in a professional manner.  Other times we will do backlog reviews, or reviews of games that may have slipped through the cracks. These will be clearly marked as such.