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16-Bit barcade set to open in Columbus, Ohio


16-Bit barcade looks to be the next big thing in Columbus, Ohio. We ventured there to get a preview of the almost-complete barcade and had a chat with its owner, Troy Allen, to get an idea of what the public can expect.

Sonic After The Sequel Fan Game Released


Bored on this lazy Sunday and hankering for a new game to play? Well why not try out Sonic After the Sequel that just recently released. Sonic After the Sequel is a fan game made by “LakeFeperd” that takes place between Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3. It also features it’s own original soundtrack that is pretty snazzy.

Kickstart Our Hearts: A.N.N.E.: Cave Story meets Gradius


A robot boy must save his robot girlfriend from being dismantled by her captors on Planet Gomi in this homage to an era long past but not forgotten. You play as No. 25, a blue robot who must pilot his trusty ship “The Great Whale” through an open world solving physics based puzzles, jumping, shooting, […]