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Video Game Concept: Professor Pennyfeather


I think every video game nerd wants to make their own game at some point. I always think about strange little game concepts, but I really don’t have the programming and design skills to make a game, let alone the time. But I did want to make some sort of game concept video. This idea […]

Review: Ballpoint Universe: Infinite


Ballpoint Universe Infinite is a little indie game I found on Steam. Sure, there are other, bigger, flashier games out there to review, but this one captured my imagination because of the quirky graphics. All the images in the game are ballpoint pen drawings! Quirky and a bit gimmicky, but I must admit I’ve never […]

The Spielberg / Lucas Drama: Are gamers too sensitive about games as art?

So the last 24 hours has caused a bit of a flap as sites were quick to pounce on news of some suggestions movie veterans George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg made at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. The actual comments shouldn’t be seen as all that scary or controversial: Lucas and Spielberg wanted to […]

TOMOrrow: Souvenir


In the world of indie games, there are several projects that aim to be more art than game, and Souvenir seems to be trying to go in this direction. A thesis prototype by Robert Yang, Mohini Dutta, and Ben Norskov, Souvenir is a look through the fragmented memories of a a young woman looking back on her childhood as she comes of age.