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Mobile as the Future of Video Games


You know what I see standing in line at the supermarket—aside from the self-image corrupting magazines in juxtaposition with candy bars—kids on iPhones. Parents hand their children an iPad or an iPhone to prevent them from having a meltdown over a toy they couldn’t have because what kid needs toys when playing Angry Birds. They’re too busy snagging three stars on all the levels mommy and daddy failed at to kick up a fuss.

TOMOrrow: Cube World: if Minecraft, Link to the Past, and Skyrim had a love child


When Minecraft came out in alpha, I was pumped. I loved the art style, I loved the concept, and thought that it would expand to be a full fledged RPG adventure game with quests, goals and the likes. Now I laugh as I see people freak out over the addition of one new animal (horses are so in right now) and no real gameplay changes. I was never one to play with Lego as a child, and building things in Minecraft is something I didn’t take an interest in as either. This is where Cube World comes in, it gets ride of the building and gives me everything I had hoped for from Minecraft.

The Potential Pitfalls of DIY Gaming

By Pictofigo, via wikimedia commons (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3APictofigo_Frustration.png)

Probably every gamer who’s built his or her own rig has had that profanity-laden moment upon witnessing an un-fixable hardware meltdown that means it’s time to process an RMA replacement, with all of the headdesking, hair-tearing frustration that goes with it. Reinstalling drivers doesn’t do anything. Reformatting doesn’t fix it. Flashing the BIOS doesn’t help (and may have even made matters worse). The pride once felt upon looking at the self-built marvel of technology twists itself into despair, self-doubt, and promises to buy only pre-builds in the future.