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Call of Duty: Ghosts Review (Multiplayer only)

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Even with all of the small adjustments, the fact remains that this is a Call of Duty game. The multiplayer is twitch-based, requiring fast reflexes, unrealistic maneuvers, and a lot of patience from newcomers.

Review: Rise of the Triad


Having never played Rise of the Triad, I went into this game with fresh eyes hoping for something out of the ordinary. I certainly got something different than I’m used to, in the sense that this is extremely old school with a shiny new coat of paint. Rise of the Triad is a game that misses the mark, much like you will, over and over again in its awkward platforming.

Review: Payday 2

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Overkill Software has built upon the success of their first game Payday: The Heist, and once again proven that not many things are as fun as grabbing some friends and spending an evening pulling off high-risk, high-reward bank heists and jewelry store robberies. The stress induced by shouting over your microphone just to be heard above the sound of high-powered rifles, screaming hostages and flashbangs is incredible, and every successful job will leave the player with a massive adrenaline rush.

Beta Impressions: Payday 2

Overkill Software is getting ready to release the sequel to their well-received Payday: The Heist, and with the beta of Payday 2 already available through Steam, the company has proved that they can take a great concept and make it even better

Deus Ex: The Fall Release Date


Not too long ago, Eidos Montreal mentioned that Dues Ex: The Fall would be coming to the mobile platform. Today, media outlets reported that Square Enix revealed the release date for Dues Ex: The Fall to be July 11th: this Thursday. It will be available to play on the iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5, iPad […]