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Game Review: Obamacare


You’ve probably already heard about this new puzzle game that is sweeping the country. Maybe you’ve already played it! It seems like people either love it or hate it, like with a lot of genre-breaking or re-imaging games. I’ve finally jumped on the Obamacare bandwagon! As usual, I’m late to the party. I do generally […]

X-Men: Battle of the Atom, free-to-play card game announced by Marvel


Based on the free-to-play scheme of Marvel Heroes, I am skeptical of Marvel’s team up with GREE to release X-Men: Battle of the Atom. This new mobile will tie in with Marvel’s with an upcoming event in the Marvel Universe under the same name. It will be a card game, featuring hundreds of characters from the […]

Free-to-Play: A Hated Model with Potential


“Free to Play” is a phrase we see tossed around often in the gaming world. Primarily seen in MMOs, there have been ever more genres releasing with a free-to-play tagline. Now, obviously it makes sense for the businesses that create these games, but does it make sense for the consumer? Do we really want this influx of free-to-play games?

Review: Warframe: Good Mindless Fun, If You Can Stomach the Grind


Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter currently in open beta on the PC and promised to come out the PS4. An intense and fast-paced experience, Warframe places players into the shoes of the Tenno, a faction of sci-fi ninjas who are masters of being wickedly cool.

Review: TrackKing

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 9.22.55 PM

TrackKing is a free-to-play (with paid content) online horse racing simulation game. The player gets to race, train, breed, and auction horses, as well as make stakes and cup races with in-game earnings or via paid (for the cups). New players who sign up get mentors, who are older experienced players that help out in […]

Tekken Revolution Announced: Free to play PS3 exclusive launching June 11th


Namco Bandai Games has announced the next installment of the Tekken series is a free to play PSN exclusive for the PS3. The game will have an initial cast of eight characters to play as and will feature new “Special Arts” and “Critical Arts” moves to help newcomers. Also for the first time in the […]