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First Person Mod for Dark Souls


Both Demon’s Souls & Dark Souls have earned a reputation for their brutal difficulty, but they aren’t the start of this trend. The origin of this design began with From Software’s Kings Field Series that first came out on the PS1. The game played entirely in first person. So with the release of this mod by Soul Slasher, Dark Souls returns to a simpler time with this 1st person mod.

Namco Bandai confirms March 2014 Dark Souls 2 release date


Praise the Sun and Prepare to Die, Dark Souls 2 is coming to a town near you next March 2014. Namco Bandai confirmed Dark Souls 2 March 2014 release date, but no other details are made clear. A banner for Dark Souls 2 was spotted at the LA convention center in preparation for E3, so […]