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Review: Ballpoint Universe: Infinite


Ballpoint Universe Infinite is a little indie game I found on Steam. Sure, there are other, bigger, flashier games out there to review, but this one captured my imagination because of the quirky graphics. All the images in the game are ballpoint pen drawings! Quirky and a bit gimmicky, but I must admit I’ve never […]

The Neverhood Retro Game Video Review


When I was a kid my best friend and I played this game together. We talked about it all the time and solved the puzzles together and we even made little clay sculptures and environments inspired by the game world! It was pretty great. I really wish there were more really odd games out there […]

Review: TrackKing

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 9.22.55 PM

TrackKing is a free-to-play (with paid content) online horse racing simulation game. The player gets to race, train, breed, and auction horses, as well as make stakes and cup races with in-game earnings or via paid (for the cups). New players who sign up get mentors, who are older experienced players that help out in […]

Puzzles and Dragons


Puzzles and Dragons is a mobile game produced by the creators of Ragnarok Online, GungHo. A puzzle based game, PAD brings to the table a fun alternative to normal puzzle games. The player collects, fuses, and evolves monsters. These monsters all have a type, with a weakness and strength against another of the 5 types. […]