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More Female Main Characters, Please!


I love America, and in this great country capitalism rules supreme. Therefore, I will try to use the laws of supply and demand to lobby for something I’ve wanted for some time. In this glorious country it is said that the market provides for everything. If there is a demand, there will be a supply. […]

Girls in Games, from a Girl Who Games

from twitch.tv/shannonzkiller

Shannon Marie “Killer” (she goes by “ShannonZKiller” online) has been gaming since she was six. She plays games anywhere from three to seven hours a day, and uploads videos of some of her gameplay to the Internet. She plays puzzle games, action games, and anything in between.

In all of her gaming, however, Shannon finds one thing missing in a big way: the presence of strong, capable women, both in games and as gamers.

Steel Diver to be free-to-play to kick off Nintendo’s digital escapades


Nintendo plans to lure the Americans and the Europeans to digital downloads for Nintendo games by offering a free game to kick it off.They believe this should kick off a long term habit to other digital downloads since it was a huge success for the digital version of “Animal Crossing-New leaf” in Japan.Who are avid consumers of digital versions of Nintendo games.