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Shattered Planet Review


Expect to die in Shattered Planet, and know it is you who leads these clones to their demise. Pushing them one step too many past their uppermost limits. In all seriousness, rogue-likes are great for creating your own narrative as you attempt to progress through the game. Not every fallen clone needs a tomb in dedication to their memory, but creating a sense of attachment tends to make one more cautious. If anything it makes the little victories more rewarding, and your failures all the more tragic.

Review: Bounty Arms


Kerosene’s mobile 3D platformer Bounty Arms presents a lot of promise, but ultimately fails to deliver in a way that elevates it above its perceived casual-gaming medium.

Pandemic and Talisman: More Board Games coming to iOS and PC


In the last 24 hours two important announcements have been released about electronic board game adaptations. The expected news that emerged today was the release of pricing and preorders for Talisman Digital for the PC.  For those who are unfamiliar, Talisman was one of the great-grandaddies of the dungeon delving board games.  First released in […]

Shadowrun Returns: Berlin Campaign Announced and iOS/Android Release Update


From Harebrained Schemes’ latest blog post: “Now that the game is out, there’s a ton of cool stuff happening in the world of Shadowrun Returns – both here at our office and in the fantastic community that’s developed around the game. Read on for a full report on what’s been happening and what’s next.”

Mines of Mars teaser trailer released by Crescent Moon Games


Hopefully Crescent Moon Games will bring us the sci-fi version of Terraria that Edge of Space failed to do. Projected for both an iOS and PC release, Crescent Moon Game’s released a teaser trailer for Mines of Mars. The trailer doesn’t reveal much other than some beautiful 2D landscapes and chilling music From Crescent Moon […]

Review: The Walking Dead: 400 Days


The Walking Dead 400 Days begins at a missing persons board. A breeze sweeps through photographs of anonymous loved ones who we wouldn’t expect had a story worth telling. These are the stories we assumed ended day one. At the very least, we assumed that these stories are about survival; the same story we’ve experienced in every zombie fiction. Telltale subverts these assumptions by broadening a genre exhausted by the survival narrative.