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Review: The Guided Fate Paradox


Renya Kagurazaka’s bad luck bottomed out when he tried his hand at his local mall’s lottery machine stand. He only did it because he
was told to by the cute girl running the stand.

He spun it, expecting nothing, but ended up getting the golden ball, winning the grand prize!

“Congratulations, Mister Winner! You have won the grand prize!”

The girl smiles widely at Renya as she rings the celebratory bell to indicate a winner.

“I shall let you become God.”

God’s story begins like many others – boy meets girl, boy is smashed over the head with a blunt object by girl, boy is now God.

Review: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness


If you are a fan of strategy RPGs or are just curious about trying them out, this is the game to ease you into the genre. While Disgaea 2 is not the first in the series it can stand on its own, fans of previous titles will be happy to see the characters once again but new players will not be lost.

Review: Tales of Xillia


Another installment to Namco’s Tales series, A pleasant stroll down memory lane for veterans, while a easy to navigate co-op JRPG for the those just starting out with the franchise.

Square Enix Says No to Live-Action Fan Series


Final Fantasy VII fans may be disappointed if they were looking forward to the live-action series project on kickstarter (Tomodom’s original article regarding the project can be found here). As of this morning, the kickstarter page has been taken down, replaced with a notation that the project is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and a link […]

Review: Time and Eternity


Take a magical girl princess, give her the power to turn back time, add in silly fan service and you have Bandai’s latest roleplaying game Time and Eternity. If you ever thought that video games take themselves too seriously you won’t be facing that problem here. It’s silly, it’s cheesy and it’s even a bit heartwarming.

It is a bit unpolished but there is enough charm to forgive it. A real time battle system that encourages strategy and thought rather than just button mashing is refreshing but there are a few areas where the beautiful land of Kazma falls short.

Review: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch


Studio Ghibli is perhaps one of the most well known anime studios in the current industry, so it is no surprise that when the studio announced that it would be partnering with Level 5 to develop a new JRPG, fans were excited.