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5 Mac Game Gems Under $5

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Mac gamer? Looking for a few new games to play that won’t break the bank? Check out these five hidden gem games, all for under five bucks in the App Store.

TOMOrrow: Cube World: if Minecraft, Link to the Past, and Skyrim had a love child


When Minecraft came out in alpha, I was pumped. I loved the art style, I loved the concept, and thought that it would expand to be a full fledged RPG adventure game with quests, goals and the likes. Now I laugh as I see people freak out over the addition of one new animal (horses are so in right now) and no real gameplay changes. I was never one to play with Lego as a child, and building things in Minecraft is something I didn’t take an interest in as either. This is where Cube World comes in, it gets ride of the building and gives me everything I had hoped for from Minecraft.