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PS4 and Xbox One: 4K


The PS4 and Xbox One both provide 4K support. But what does this mean for the average consumer when watching movies, TV, and gaming?

Playstation 4 games can only use up to 5.5GB of RAM, or is it 4.5GB?


Eurogamer is reporting that leaked documents have confirmed that 3.5GB of the Playstation 4′s RAM will be dedicated to use in it’s OS. The other 4.5GB will be usable by games, putting it just below the Xbox One’s 5GB of slower DDR3 RAM. Eurogamer also states their sources tell them there is 1gb of “flexible” memory that can be used when the OS isn’t using it.

Playstation 4 Memory “Drama”


Recent tweets by Eurogamer Spain subdirector Josep Maria Sempere indicate that some “drama” surrounding the Playstation 4′s memory is imminent.

TomoCon: Comic-Con ’13: The Nintendo Gaming Lounge


One of the highlights of San Diego Comic Con is that the adjacent Marriott Hotel is taken over by plumbers, heroes, and pokemon. With upcoming titles, big screens, bean bag chairs and even a charging station for your DS the Nintendo gaming lounge never fails to exceed expectations.

Review: Warframe: Good Mindless Fun, If You Can Stomach the Grind


Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter currently in open beta on the PC and promised to come out the PS4. An intense and fast-paced experience, Warframe places players into the shoes of the Tenno, a faction of sci-fi ninjas who are masters of being wickedly cool.

Sony Fires Shots at Microsoft


Sony’s games won’t include DRM restricting the sharing or reselling of used games. Basically games for the PS4 will work just like before.