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From Software’s Next Game Leaks


Project Beast This all just rumor and speculation right now so take this all with a grain of salt. Fromsoftware, the developers behind Demon’s Souls and more recently Dark Souls I & II, are slated for a rumored, PS4 exclusive title tentatively called “Project Beast.” Now there is come credence to this story. One: the […]

Xbox One Leaks Roundup: Crack Mirrors with Friends 2 starring Halo


So in case you forgot, the Xbox One can *gasp* play games, many of which have been leaking prior to announcement. Thus far we have Crackdown 3 and Words with Friends both being shown / hinted at briefly during the Xbox One reveal and Crackdown 3 leaked by Gametrailers Facebook, and Mirror’s Edge 2 leaked […]

Playstation 4 console images released…sort of…


Sony released a teaser trailer that actually shows the PS4…only blurred. A few different clear close up shots are shown throughout the teaser, collected above by Redditor “C-Ron” in a nice collage. The full blurred image looks to be a similar shape to that of the PS3. Below is a possible complete reconstruction done by […]

The Playstation Event 2013 Predictions – Beard Edition

Did you guys hear the news!? Apparently there is a big reveal tomorrow by Sony at the “Meeting 2013″ that will showcase the future of Playstation. It is to be noted that Sony revealed the Playstation Vita at “Meeting 2011″ so it is not crazy to think they reveal the next Playstation tomorrow.